Ji-Young was awarded for the Women Interactive Materials Award (WIMA) 2022!

Dr. Ji-Young was awarded as Laureate in Women Interactive Materials Award (WIMA) 2022 held at the DWI – Leibniz Institute for Interactive Materials in Aachen, Germany, for her scientific work and achievement in the field of active and interactive materials, and her outstanding scientific presentation.  WIMA is for talented, creative, and passionate young female researchers Continue Reading »

Discover Engineering!

Discover Engineering is a part of the CoE programs for Engineering Camps for Kids. It is designed for students in 8th-10th grade, and aims to give young students a deeper understanding of our engineering disciplines and motivate them to pursue chemical engineering for their undergraduate studies.
In the event, we discussed the broad scope of Continue Reading »

Xplore Engineering

UM Alumni and their children from 4th to 7th grade experienced a glimpse of cutting-edge research of BioInterfaces Institute – Cure for diseases. Kids in Kotov Lab booth worked with gold NP forelectrolyte detection in sports drinks and make a connection how NPs can be used for diagnosis of diseases.

Posse Scholars Outreach Visit

Posse scholars visited UM campus and Nicole, undergraduate research assistant from Kotov Lab, led the outreach event. Scholars had a chance to work with gold NP for electrolyte detection in sports drinks and tungsten oxide NP to experiment with color changing nano-ink.